An application that enables efficient communication, rigorous management, and accurate reporting essential to the execution of joint use...

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for you – with you.

Improve efficiencies and automate your joint use program with the industry’s most functional and flexible joint-use communication and management platform.

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Manage an enormous range of joint use and joint ownership activities, throughout a project’s entire lifecycle

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Dramatic expansion of communication networks and the ubiquitous use of utility poles as supporting infrastructure mean that effective management of joint use activities is more important than ever. Today, inter-company communication processes that once revolved around faxes, phone calls, hardcopy documents, and casual emails are becoming obsolete, no longer keeping up with the demands of the 21st century.


"SPANS lets me tell the truth. That's what I really like."

"I'm most impressed by their dedicated effort and the overall experience of working together to configure SPANS for our processes. We've never had that level of input with other tools our company had tried in the past."

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