We know every business is different, so we’ve built SPANS to be flexible to best complement your process and operations. In addition to the full suite of features and benefits that are internal to SPANS, we’re proud to offer extensions as well as custom application development to ensure that SPANS provides a full solution to your joint use requirements.


Automated Pricing Functions

SPANS’ architecture facilitates the recording of agreement-specific pricing for any joint use item or service. Some SPANS customers use a custom developed SPANS extension to calculate inter-company billing amounts associated with each pole.

Integration with GIS or other Attachment Database

SPANS serves as a transactional database, capturing the outcomes of each joint use project. Several SPANS customers take advantage of custom-developed SPANS export functionality and use automated procedures to update attachment data in their GIS or other database. This extension of SPANS capabilities eliminates tedious back office entry of new attachment information.

Custom Applications

We’re experts and we’re listening. Our team has the capabilities in place to create custom applications to meet your needs and integrate seamlessly with SPANS to ensure it’s your all-in-one joint use solution.

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