From beginning to end, SPANS allows joint use projects to be managed effectively and accurately, promoting project efficiencies and accountability between owners and attachers. SPANS not only serves as a shared portal, facilitating communication between parties, but also provides an organized workflow system within which complex chains of inter-company activities can be managed.


Communication Channel

SPANS streamlines communications between internal and external parties by working as a real-time channel to quickly communicate critical information in a documented record.

Time-Stamped Communications

SPANS brings accountability to joint use communication by providing dated time-stamps for every communication. Track each project’s status and pending actions and know what party has current responsibility.

System Integration

SPANS’ industry-standard RDBMS facilitates integration with corporate systems through XML message generation or other export/import mechanisms.

Workflow Optimization

SPANS’ workflow-based environment provides intuitive record handling and clear assignment of status and “Next Actor” responsibility.


Customize communication content, workflows, terminology and pick lists specific to company standards and procedures.

Billing and Rental Tabulation

Manage the billing, ownership changes, and rental implications of your joint use projects. Record and share invoices and payment status information.

Powerful Search

Locate specific projects efficiently using comprehensive search capabilities. Search for projects by pole number, job number, location, and more.


Manage and control who is able to work within your projects. SPANS allows for the customization of each user’s access to projects and data based on profile criteria.

Notification Forwarding

Redirect projects for review or action using SPANS’ intra-company and third-party communication functions.

Automated Alerts

With SPANS, never lose track of a project again with alert messages that can be targeted to specific users based on project type, event, and location.

Real-Time Reporting

View, export and share custom-created reports detailing both the current status and history of each project.

Go Paperless

Improve project organization and dramatically reduce correspondence time and effort associated with the transmittal of mailed, faxed, or emailed forms and drawings.

File Attachments

Upload external files to be attached to project records and accessed by involved parties using locally available applications.

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